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Anniversary Event 10/22/16

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family taking selfie

This photo was taken at an anniversary event I did photography for on October 22, which was the day after my twins were born. When I walked in to the event, I did not know what to expect because I was inquired about the event no more than 3 days before the event. The family was very kind and welcoming. I walked in with my camera ready, and my ISO, shutter speed, and aperture already set to take pictures outdoors. It was 4:30pm, and I was only booked for 1-hour. The moment I got there, the bride and groom were ready to take pictures. They gathered family and friends to take photos so that they may have photos with everyone that attended their event. After the first round of taking posed shots of the family and their guest, I did my round of candid shots. The event was held in their small, yet beautiful backyard, so I was focused on catching guest in action. I was able to capture a lot of beautiful shots of the kids playing, and family and friends interacting with one another. As my time started to come to an end, I gathered everyone for a full group photo (which are always the hardest to capture). There were about 30 people, and I had to reposition them several times in order to capture the perfect group photo.

As a photographer, it is my job to pay attention to lighting, and to choose the perfect places to snap photos. I must be aware of harsh shadowing, and other things that may be of a distraction in the photo. My job is to pose, and bring joy and excitement to families who are standing in front of the camera. A lot of my job consist of me using my personality to fill the event with laughter, while remaining professional in how I work. When I take candid shots, I like to show guest their photos. This makes them feel more comfortable and engaged with me. The headlined photo I took is a photo of a family taking a selfie. I happened to capture it on camera, and when I showed them the photo, we all laughed at the expressions they were making while taking the photo.